Teja Aswini

Teja Aswini has a Masters degree in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Osmania University in India, graduating in 2012.

She worked with World Vision Australia for 5 years, starting in their call centre as a payments resolution consultant, and was later promoted to a role as a feedback and resolution consultant. 

In 2018 Teja joined food manufacturing company Sabrini Foods where she worked full-time in multiple roles as an administrator, customer service representative, logistics coordinator and sales representative. 

Teja gained valuable hands-on experience as a Salesforce end user with FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and DSD (Direct Store Delivery). She felt familiar enough with Salesforce to be confident that this could be the platform that would enable her to enter into a technology role.

Teja signed up for Trailhead and started working on Trails and Modules. She did this for almost 5 months but then didn’t know where to go next.  

She began actively searching for an organisation that could offer experience by handling real projects. And then she found us. 

Teja joined Blaze Your Trail in September 2021, with the goal of becoming a Salesforce Administrator within the next 3 years.

She joined the daily 6am session with a team of volunteers to solve real challenges and issues encountered by charities. These sessions gave Teja an exposure to the real world of Salesforce customisation and troubleshooting. 

Teja became so passionate about becoming a Salesforce Administrator that she resigned her position with Sabrini Foods in October 2021 so she could study full-time, working towards her first Salesforce certification. 

She began training using the saasguru platform (generously provided free of charge to all Blaze volunteers) and in just 3 weeks, not only passed her Administration Certification but also made Trailhead Ranger Status and won a job at St Kilda Mums as a Salesforce Database Coordinator. Her work experience from all those years ago at World Vision is priceless to St Kilda Mums.

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