Swetha Ganga

Swetha Ganga embarked on her educational journey at the Federation University of Australia, where she pursued her passion for Information Systems. In 2016, she graduated with a Master's Degree, equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving tech industry.

After completing her studies, Swetha embraced a new adventure in her personal life. She became a mother and took the entrepreneurial leap by establishing her own business, specialising in importing and selling Indian clothing. Her dedication and business acumen quickly paid off, as her venture thrived, gaining recognition and success.

As her son began school, Swetha realised the perfect opportunity to put her Information Systems expertise into practice and break into her dream role in Salesforce.

In June 2022, Swetha joined Blaze Your Trail. At that time, she already possessed a solid foundation, boasting 159 badges on Trailhead as well as two Salesforce certifications.

Swetha needed some practical work experience to complement her knowledge and showcase her abilities in real-world scenarios. Determined to make a meaningful impact while pursuing her dream, she dedicated time in volunteering for various charities, including a very small charity called Tassie Mums. Swetha  gained invaluable experience and honed her skills further. 

We are delighted to share  that Swetha's dedication and perseverance have paid off! She received an incredible opportunity to join Accenture as a Technology Analyst.

Swetha says “Jessica is my biggest inspiration. Blaze Your Trail helped me to connect with different people from different places. I got very strong connections and helped me to gain practical experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time Blaze Your Trail. Thank you is very little word to say for the hope and encouragement I got.”

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