Soumya Sasidharan

Soumya Sasidharan studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at Mahatma Gandhi Public University in Kottayam, India, graduating in 2012.

After moving to Australia Soumya worked as an Admin Assistant and then studied for a Cert 4 in Computer Programming & Clinical Classification Coding. 

Soumya joined Generation Australia last December with the long term goal of becoming a Salesforce Developer. 

Soumya has actually tried to join St Kilda Mums when she first arrived in Australia but COVID shut any chance of volunteering down. Giving back to the community, and helping others is very important to Soumya.

Soumya joined Blaze Your Trail back in July to gain that all important local work experience, because despite gaining three Salesforce Certifications in April, she was unable to find a job.

In just a short period of time, Soumya contributed 42 hours volunteering before joining CMD Solutions in August as a Cloud Trainee. Last month Soumya was promoted to the role of Associate Cloud Consultant. 

Soumya said: “Jessica's commitment and hard work have inspired me. I also gained confidence in doing real-time projects.”

Congratulations Soumya!

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