Prabhavathy Rajendran

The day that Prabhavathy Rajendran started her new job as the new CRM Administrator for NCJWA Vic, she still joined her Blaze Your Trail peers at 6am to be part of the weekly project review for Prison Network with Sally Tonkin and shared this great news with us in person.

Prabha has a Masters Degree in Computer Applications and started studying Salesforce last year during the pandemic, when her youngest child started kinder.

When she started at Blaze Your Trail in February 2021 she already had Admin and App Builder certs and Trailhead by Salesforce Ranger Status, but she could not get a job as she had no local work experience. 

Prabha volunteered for Brainwave Australia, Prison Network, The Nappy Collective and Baby Give Back in her first 6 months with Blaze, giving her the opportunity she needed to learn, and gain the skills and confidence she needed to land her first job in the Salesforce ecosystem. Congratulations!

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