Pooja Agarwal

Pooja Agarwal has a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and after graduating in 2012 she worked in the Banking Sector for 4 years.  

Whilst on maternity leave she decided to start studying for a Job in IT. 

Pooja’s husband works as a Salesforce Technical Architect at PwC and so she was inspired by him to learn Salesforce, and now has two certifications and is a proud Trailhead Ranger.

She started volunteering at Blaze Your Trail in July 2021 to get some work experience. 
Because she lives in Perth this meant 4am starts to join in the morning training sessions. Pooja was motivated to learn and contribute to our pro-bono projects.

In 2021 , Pooja started a new full-time job with Planit Testing as a Salesforce Test Analyst. 

Pooja says “Volunteering at Blaze Your Trail helped me in a lot of ways.

“Firstly, the morning sessions are awesome. You get to learn so many things from Salesforce - from web designing, to Excel, and you get real time experience which is really helpful. It was my first time interacting with a group of people in an Australian workplace, as well as being my first experience in IT.

“Second, with so many great people working there, you are always learning new things and everyone is ready to help and share their knowledge through blogs on the Blaze Your Trail website.

“Jessica provides feedback on resumes, cover-letters and  profiles which helps you boost confidence.

“Working for nonprofit organisations helps you know about their contributions in the society and their importance which is very satisfying.”

Congratulations Pooja, all your hard work has paid off.

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