Pallavi Dashpute

Pallavi Dashpute, an alumna of Pune University in India, completed her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Information Technology in 2007. After graduation, she worked for three years in data management in a large global company.

Following this Pallavi had a 10 year career gap, raising her family and travelling with husband's work - she has lived in Europe and the UK since 2016.

In August 2022, Pallavi joined Blaze Your Trail, with 80 badges on Trailhead and her Salesforce Certified Administrator qualification. Pallavi contributed 371 hours to various charitable causes, including leading a team of volunteers on a project for Little Oak Sanctuary - an Animal Shelter in Canberra.

Pallavi sees herself as a Salesforce Consultant, with a specific focus on becoming a Marketing Cloud Specialist. She finds inspiration in connecting with like-minded individuals who work in her sector, finding them not only interesting but also integral to her personal and professional growth. In her personal life, Pallavi's children have reached a stage of independence, allowing her to dedicate more time to her career aspirations. 

Exciting news came for Pallavi last month as she received an offer for the role of Salesforce Analyst at Action for Children in the UK. We congratulate her on this opportunity and wish her all the best.

Pallavi says: “I had a great experience volunteering for Blaze Your Trail. It was an opportunity to learn and improve a wide range of skills. Working on real projects and challenges helped me gain practical experience and become more skilled in using Salesforce for data management, automation, and reporting."

"Volunteering with Blaze Your Trail brought together people from different backgrounds and professions. By connecting with fellow volunteers and engaging with the organisation, I expanded my network and made connections with like-minded individuals. These connections opened doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and mentorship, which was really beneficial for my career growth."

"Volunteering with Blaze Your Trail was fulfilling and rewarding. It taught me important skills like teamwork, communication, leadership, and project management. These skills are transferable and can be valuable in various areas of life, not just during volunteering but also in personal relationships and professional settings.”

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