Neha Bhatia

Neha Bhatia started as an Associate Consultant - Pegasystems for Infosys in February 2022. 

She had previously worked for Spotlight Retail Group (SRG) for the last 5 years, starting in HR operations, moving into ecommerce content and then into ecommerce coordination.

Neha has been volunteering with Jessica since December 2019, contributing to many pro bono projects, most recently as team leader for Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.

Neha has an MBA and also holds a degree in Commerce and Economics. She has 2 Salesforce certifications - Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce NPSP Consultant.

Neha is very happy to be starting her new role with Infosys, a company founded in the city of Pune, India. Infosys provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services.  

The three most important lessons that Neha shares are:

  1. Manage your time 
  2. Have a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude
  3. Have the confidence to take up a new task or a challenge
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