Navaneetha Repaka

Navaneetha Repaka's husband Sudheer volunteered with Paula Nunez and me at St Kilda Mums back in 2017, so she knew all about how the team at Blaze Your Trail could help her in her job hunt.

Navaneetha graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology.

After graduating Navaneetha got married and moved to Australia. They chose Australia for the exciting career prospects and because "Australia is a great place to live".

When Navaneetha joined Blaze Your Trail in June 2022 she had 109 badges on Trailhead and her Salesforce Administrator Certification.

Since then she has contributed 161 hours volunteering for various charities including Brainwave Australia.

When I first met her she told me that her 3 - 5 year goal is to become a Salesforce Developer and that she hoped volunteering would help her with broader range of opportunities.

This month Navaneetha started her new role as Salesforce Administrator at Autism CRC, a charity that she has volunteered for for some time.

Navaneetha said “Blaze Your Trail helped me to understand the business requirements of pro bono projects and find efficient solutions for these requirements. It also provided me with hands-on experience with website integrations, FormAssemblyAmazon Connect and many other tasks, which indeed helped me to strengthen my Salesforce knowledge, boost my confidence, and develop a greater love and passion for working in Salesforce.”
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