Mrudula Vaddem

Mrudula Vaddem, a graduate of Staffordshire University, holds a Master's degree in Computer Science. After Uni, she joined Amazon as an Associate and gradually progressed through various roles, including SME, billing specialist, and quality analyst manager. This experience allowed Mrudula to connect with people, honing her skills in debugging, fault finding, and meticulous bug detection.

In October 2022, Mrudula became a part of Blaze Your Trail, with 140 badges on Trailhead and her first credential as a Salesforce Certified Administrator. Since then she volunteered a record number of 661 hours of volunteering for various charitable organisations that we support through our pro bono program.

Mrudula lead a team of volunteer to implement Salesforce for OceanMind, a charity that that provides therapeutic surf courses for young people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. She is a very capable project manager and leader, with a loyal team who love her energy and enthusiasm.

We are happy to share that this month Mrudula joined the consulting team at Blaze Your Trail as a Salesforce Administrator, who with training and support will be a future consultant.

Mrudula says: “The team is truly remarkable. Blaze Your Trail recognized my potential even when I doubted myself, providing me with invaluable opportunities for self-discovery and hands-on experience. I realised my capabilities through this platform and gained much-needed confidence. I learned to integrate numerous external apps, analyse business requirements and build solutions, and the right way of doing things on Salesforce - everything that traditional institutes often overlook.

Blaze Your Trail is not just a community; it's a place where people genuinely support and learn from each other. I take immense pride in being part of this exceptional community. While some may say "nothing comes for free," I beg to differ. The experience gained from Blaze Your Trail is both free and priceless.”

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