Mehak Sablok

Introducing Mehak Sablok. Mehak has a Masters degree in Computational Biology, majoring in Cancer Research. She worked in her home country in research and analysis using Artificial Intelligence, but when she came to Australia, she could not find work in her field.

When she signed up to volunteer at Blaze Your Trail in February 2021 she was working as an Education Counsellor.

At that time, she told Jessica that it was her 3 - 5 year goal to be working as a Business Analyst. She had a couple of certifications and lots of Trailhead by Salesforce badges but struggled to land a job.

Between March and September in 2021, Mehak did an outstanding job as co-team leader and Salesforce Administrator with Blaze Your Trail for The Nappy Collective. She also contributed to many other projects and became an expert with FormAssembly.

Fast Forward to September 2021 and Mehak became the new Salesforce Manager at Custom Fleet

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