Manasa Nagendra

Manasa M Nagendra, a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Vishveshwara Technology University (2020), started her professional journey as a Salesforce Developer in India, employed by Star Knowledge, before relocating to Australia.

When joining Blaze Your Trail in September 2022, Manasa had 38 badges on Trailhead and was a Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer.

Manasa dedicated 194 hours to volunteering for local charities, including Tassie Mums. She aspires to evolve into an architect within the next 3 to 5 years. Manasa is preparing for her PD1 certification, exploring the city, and maintaining a balanced work routine that involves both remote and office-based work.

Manasa says “Working with Blaze Your Trail helped me learn so many new things, like how to communicate with clients and how to work on projects. I sharpened myself in so many ways.”

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