Madhu Kandegani

Madhu Kandegani graduated with a Master's degree in Information Technology from the University of Southern Queensland, Sydney in 2011. 

Madhu's only work experience was as a MYOB System Admin, working for one year at Fleur de Lys Patisserie.

In 2021 Madhu started to learn Salesforce in anticipation of her youngest of two children starting school.

When she started volunteering at Blaze Your Trail in November 2021 she had 64 badges on Trailhead and had just passed her Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.

In the last 6 months Madhu has contributed to many pro bono projects, taking the lead for One Ball, a charity that helps kids play soccer. 

Recently she designed and built a new Raisely donation landing page for One Ball to match their recently revamped website. She also built new Lightning email templates for web-to-lead auto-response, and implemented Twilio for SMS communication, direct from Salesforce.

Madhu has contributed an incredible 240 hours of volunteering, racked up another 100 trailhead badges and recently passed her Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam.

This month she starts a new role with Investment NSW as Salesforce Administrator.

Madhu shares "You are doing an incredible service at Blaze Your Trail, giving many women like me the hope and opportunity needed to re-enter the workforce. The hands-on experience on live pro-bono projects in Salesforce built my knowledge and confidence, I learnt a lot. I couldn't imagine myself without the help of all the Blaze team. Thanks a ton for making this happen.  🙏"

Madhu told us that her 3 - 5 Year goal is to start a business with her husband who works at Coles. Given her ability to plan, commit, contribute and learn, we have no doubt that she will make this dream come true someday.

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