Leanne White

Leanne White graduated from the University of the West of England in 2013 with a degree in Biological Sciences. She loves travelling and has been living abroad for many years teaching English Language.

One of Leanne’s hobbies is digital art and design which often transfers into her professional life when creating presentations, documentations, or infographics -  such as the one she created for Blaze Your Trail to help advertise the volunteer program. She also enjoys hiking, exploring local restaurants, and attending live music and art events. 

When Leanne joined Blaze Your Trail in April 2022, she had gained Salesforce Administrator certification and was a Ranger on Trailhead but she lacked the work experience she needed to get a related job. 

She contributed 53 hours of volunteering on a number of pro bono projects, and even managed to teach herself how to develop websites on Shopify in order to meet the needs of one particular charity. 

Outside of Blaze Your Trail, Leanne worked on two developer org projects to help showcase her Salesforce skills:

  • CertifyTravel App - Creating an app for a mock travel company as part of an online course which involved implementing Salesforce to help manage all customer interactions with the business. 
  • Nook Inc App - A personal app to help Leanne manage data and track her progress in her favourite console game (Animal Crossing).

Leanne created presentations of her progress with these projects and added them to her personal portfolio - also created in Salesforce. 

Leanne is a natural leader, and even stepped in to take a class one day when we were all at a conference. Leanne dialled in from that UK to every Blaze Your Trail class - at 9pm in the evening. With this level of commitment it's no wonder that she has been snapped up quickly at Thomas International.  

"Blaze You Trail was exactly the kind of hands-on experience I was looking for. A place where you can share your knowledge and experience with others whilst simultaneously learning new skills from them in return. It was a great community to be a part of and it really gave me the confidence boost I needed regarding my skills, as well as being a great talking point for job interviews. Plus the work you do helps so many different charities which is so amazing," she shares. 

Congratulations Leanne!

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