Kanchana Karvannan

Congratulations to Kanchana Karvannan who started a new role as a Fundraising Assistant at Bayley House this week!

Kanchana has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and it was always her dream to become a professor.

She had hoped to teach in Australia when she moved here to be married, but this required a different degree.

After taking a career break to care for her children, Kanchana decided to learn Salesforce, as she has always had a passion for IT.

When Kanchana joined Blaze Your Trail in June this year she already had 300 Trailhead badges, 178,475 points, 18 super badges, and 3 certifications including Salesforce administrator, Salesforce Platform App Builder, and Salesforce Platform Developer.

In these last few months she devoted 196.55 hours to volunteering, on a number of projects including Brainwave Australia as the team leader.

Kanchana says “I had the chance to work on a real project and learned a lot from Jessica and other volunteers. In the morning classes, I learned about different pro bono projects, each with its own unique data model and requirements. I also learned a lot about NPSP and other useful tips. It is because of Blaze Your Trail that I got my first job. I am really grateful to Jessica for all the learning experiences I had at Blaze Your Trail.”

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