John Tsang

John's educational journey began at Northumbria University, where he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Management. In 2018, he proudly graduated, equipping himself with the knowledge and skills to navigate the field of environmental sustainability.

Following his graduation, John embarked on a professional journey that allowed him to contribute meaningfully to the nonprofit sector. He managed a job in Hong Kong for a philanthropic trust. This experience provided him with valuable insights into the world of nonprofit management and the importance of sustainable funding.

In September 2022, John took a step forward by joining Blaze Your Trail. At the time of his enrolment, he had amassed an impressive collection of 131 badges on Trailhead, Salesforce's comprehensive learning platform. Additionally, he had achieved the prestigious Salesforce Certified Administrator certification, showcasing his expertise.

John's passion for creating a positive impact in the nonprofit sector extended beyond his professional pursuits. He vas volunteered for various charities, with the goal of seeking structural change in his career and gaining more experience in managing Salesforce—a tool that plays a crucial role in digital transformation.

Apart from his professional and volunteer endeavours, John nurtured a diverse range of interests. He sought out different experiences and was eager to make a difference. Notably, he set up a nonprofit organisation called Green Hope Hong Kong, which aims to promote a zero-waste community and strive for a sustainable Hong Kong. This initiative exemplifies John's commitment to environmental sustainability and his drive to create positive change in his community.

We are delighted to announce that John's dedication and passion have been recognised! He has been offered a prestigious role as a Salesforce Administrator at FreeAgent—an exciting opportunity that allows him to contribute his expertise and make a difference in the Salesforce ecosystem.

John says “Through the group discussion and the demonstration by the classmates, I can learn good practice of building solutions and Salesforce management.”

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