Jayashree Bodhe

Jayashree Bodhe has a Bachelors in Technology and an MBA from the Institute Of Industrial & Computer Management & Research. After graduation she worked as a Senior Marketing Coordinator for a manufacturing company. She grew tired of the outdated systems - every department had its own spreadsheet with customer data. She knew that Salesforce could bring lots of value to her organisation and her marketing efforts so she started to teach herself.

In January 2023, Jayashree joined Blaze Your Trail. She already had an impressive number of Salesforce certifications, including Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder, and Associate.

Jayashree told us that her goal was to be in an Administrative role with a focus on declarative configuration. She was hoping to meet others with her love for knowledge sharing and to contribute to a collaborative learning model. Outside of work, Jayashree has a passion for sports, particularly tennis, and enjoys playing everything from card games to soccer, badminton, and volleyball.

We are delighted to share that Jayashree was offered a role as an Salesforce Solution Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton. We congratulate her on this achievement and wish her the best of luck in her new role. 

Jayashree says “Blaze Your Trail provided me with my first opportunity to learn about Integration in real-time scenarios, enabling me to gain valuable experience in explaining and training clients/end-users. This program proved to be a valuable learning experience, and I particularly admired Jessica's dedication to enhancing the skills of Salesforce Admins and tackling any challenges that arose.”

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