Dona Thomas

Dona Thomas graduated from DJ Academy in 2010 with a Masters Degree degree in Business Administration (Marketing and HR).

Soon after graduating Dona joined FACE where she worked as a technical trainer, preparing university students for placements. In 2014 Dona moved to Australia where she worked as a Business Analyst with a company called Clifford Thames.

When Dona joined Blaze Your Trail in June 2022 she had just 12 badges on Trailhead.

Since then Dona has become a Trailhead Ranger and contributed 87 hours volunteering for various charities including Prison Network.

When she joined us she told us that her 3 - 5 year goal was to become a Salesforce Consultant as she really likes meeting and talking to people. 

Last week Dona was offered a role as Salesforce Administrator at Cloud UX. 

Dona said:  “Blaze your Trail helped me to gain real-time project experience and enhance my Salesforce Knowledge.”

Dona will be working with Carl Vescovi, and this morning Carl joined us in class to tell us about that work he is doing to advance Salesforce Values of Equality, Trust, Sustainability and Customer Success. Thank you Carl and all our best wishes Dona!
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