Anusha Jayaram

When Anusha Jayaram joined Blaze Your Trail, she had 7 years’ experience using Salesforce in her company where she ran lead generation and marketing campaigns.

With an MBA in Marketing, Anusha clearly saw her future in the Salesforce Ecosystem, but she had no way of getting a chance to prove herself. 

She could not find a Salesforce volunteering role in India, but thanks to LinkedIn she discovered Blaze Your Trail, and signed up to volunteer.

Every morning she dialled into our 6 - 8am class (Melbourne time) which is 12.30am in her hometown of Bengaluru, India.

What a commitment to further education!

And she never missed a class! Anusha even became team leader for our Prison Network project.

When Anusha joined Blaze she told Jessica that it was her 3 - 5 year goal to win a job as a Salesforce Administrator or Marketer.

In January 2022 she started working as a Salesforce Administrator for Cloudycode, a registered Salesforce Partner with offices in both Australia and India.

Congratulations Anusha - your hard work and dedication has certainly paid off!

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