Volunteer with Us

Welcome to our free training and work experience program. 

All classes are conducted online via Google meet with Jessica Macpherson your peers and special guests

Minimum requirements

Please complete the Blaze Your Trail introduction to NPSP Trail mix before you apply for a place in the program.

You must attend at least one daily class per week (six to 8 am AEST). The more you put in the more you get out of the program.

You must have at least a current Salesforce Admin Certification to become a team leader or volunteer Administrator for a pro bono project.

Who can Participate?

Everyone around the world, who is willing to learn with any study background and gain hands-on work experience can engage, must be a Salesforce Certified Administrator to have access to a live org.

Does it involve any costs?

No. Spend your most valuable time learning and sharing knowledge.

How does it work?

All classes are conducted online via Google meet with Jessica Macpherson your peers and special guests.

What will I learn? 

Join us to learn how to work with Salesforce, Go Canvas, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Xero, Zapier, Raisely, MYOB, Quick Books, Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace and more...

How long does it take to be involved in a project?

Depends on the commitment and interest you show up in attending training sessions regularly and be ready to take up challenges. Mostly around 4-5 weeks

How many hours of volunteering should we do?

Monday- Friday morning 6am - 8am are the classes where we discuss the ongoing projects. It is recommended that you attend the classes so you get a good understanding of the inside of the projects which you might be the next Team lead. We encourage you to come to daily class and get all the knowledge from every talented volunteer present and get good exposure of team huddle.

Is it possible to work during weekends or after 6 pm on weekdays? 

You can volunteer outside class time of course - in fact this is where all the work experience is done. Volunteers regularly set up meetings outside class time to collaborate on learning and projects. 

What is the prospect of securing a paid job after Volunteering? 

Most people are employed within 3 to 6 months of joining - provided you attend all the classes and volunteer to help solve problems regularly. 

Where do I apply?

Please sign up here.