Volunteer application

Daily classes take place 6 - 8 am AEST. The minimum requirement for participating in this free training and work experience program is the completion of all the Non Profit modules and projects on Trailhead.

This is because our pro bono projects are for charities that use the NPSP.

Please use this Trailmix to introduce you to all the most important features of the NPSP.

In 2019, Salesforce introduced a goal of reaching 50% of their workforce to be made up of underrepresented groups (Women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Multiracial, LGBTQ+ employees, People with Disabilities, and Veterans) by 2023 as well as continuing to increase representation around the globe. To support this goal we would like to ask you to share some information with us about your background. This information will be aggregated, and shared with our partners, including Salesforce. Thank You.