The Opportunity

It is estimated that 80,000 jobs will be created in the Salesforce EcoSystem in Australia by 2022. (1)

There is a world of opportunity for people who wish to work in technology, particularly as Salesforce Administrators, an essential role for any organisation using Salesforce. 

Salesforce grants 10 free user licences to registered charities and a suite of products known as the NonProfit Success Pack or NonProfit Cloud. Because of this there are many small charities who have access to the software but do not have the skill or resources to use it. 

Once the charity secures funding for their digital transformation project they often struggle to find a partner as there are few partners focused on supporting small charities.

Blaze Your Trail will address the shortage of supply and lack of choice by focusing on these small charities and smaller projects.

In doing so the volunteer students will get the training and experience they need.

Once certified Blaze Your Trail will support them to find work within the Salesforce ecosystem, via networking and introductions.

This will have two positive outcomes - employment opportunities for disadvantaged job seekers and affordable, specialist advice for small charities.

Blaze Your Trail will work with groups who support migrants and refugees to identify candidates in addition to word of mouth referrals from recruiters and the migrant community.

Blaze Your Trail also has the support of employers in need of skilled staff to fill the talent pipeline at the bottom. These partnerships ensure that training can remain free for volunteer job seekers, and support a number of pro bono projects each year for qualified charities.

Learn more about the Salesforce for Non Profits here or follow along this specially designed training course to learn more.

(1)  IDC: Salesforce will add $38bn to Australian economy by 2022 19 May 20201