Success Stories

The Blaze team thrives on helping for-purpose entities take their organisation to the next level. Here are some success stories we've had working with incredible NFPs making a difference in their own communities and across the country.


Implementing Salesforce has enabled efficiencies and workflows not previously possible for us. We now have one data source which is important for impact reporting, fundraising, stock planning and volunteer management. Whilst we are still in the relative 'early' stages, we can see that Salesforce will help us to grow our organisation to the next level. Carly Fradgley, Founder


This is a game changer. Salesforce has saved days and days of manual data manipulation and now counts our organisation's impact in real time. Volunteer leaders across Australia can be trained to have greater ownership of their local relationships. Victoria Kahla, Program Manager


We’ve had Salesforce for several years but we didn’t have the capability to use it for anything other than a database. Having the opportunity to work with Jessice and have this platform finessed has been awesome. Jessica and her team were able to give real experience with, which is invaluable.  I am over the moon with what has been achieved. Not only does it feel like we are on track to having a system that is simple and highly integrated, but l have also enjoyed learning new skills and discovering what is possible. Jodie Tuckwell-Knight, CEO


Jessica and her team have been a tremendous help with integration, automation and data cleansing prior to implementing Salesforce. What’s been invaluable for me is the Raisely integration and automatic management of donation campaigns within Salesforce. Sara Pantaleo, Board Chair


The Salesforce system is amazing for pulling programs together and streamlining service delivery. With this implementation we've been able to reduc overall workload and team management meaning we work smarter, not harder. We also really value all the support we received along the way to learn from the experience of Jessica and her team. Kirsten Finger, Co-Founder