Ready Set Case Study

Ready Set is a Victorian charity that strengthens communities by empowering job seekers with clothing and coaching, so they can build their confidence, realise their dreams and change their lives.

Based in South Melbourne, they offer free and individualised services to meet the unique needs of each job seeker.

Ready Set offers face to face services for locals and virtual services to regional Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, enabling them to support individuals, job services, and program providers where needed.

We helped them replace their donation landing page GiveNow with Raisely and integrate this with Salesforce so that the data flows into their org in real time. We also integrated a booking system into their Salesforce production, Calendly, enabling easier scheduling. Part of these systems include lead management, email templates and auto-response rules ensuring that every new contact with Ready Set receives early communication and engagement.

Interview with Jodie Tuckwell-Knight, CEO of Ready Set

What has the introduction of Salesforce meant for Ready Set?

We’ve had Salesforce for several years but hadn’t had the capability other than to use it for a database. Having this platform finessed has been awesome. Having the opportunity to work with Jessie, who could give real experience with utilising this tool was invaluable, and together with the Blaze team, we now have something that we could only barely imagine before COVID.

How satisfied were you with your implementation before working with Jessie and the team?

We have been working with a legacy product for our booking system – whilst great when we started 9 years ago, the product got to the point where it was unsupported and a real risk for us. We had a product that could do part of what we wanted – we weren’t utilising it, so really we weren’t unhappy with it, just knew that we needed to do more with it and didn’t have the funds to engage someone to do it. 

How satisfied are you with your implementation now?

I am over the moon with what has been achieved. Not only does it feel like we are on track to having a system that is simple and highly integrated, but l have also enjoyed learning new skills and discovering what is possible. I think there will always be tweaks and learnings about how we can do things but it’s exciting and we are really satisfied with the results.

How confident are you in your own ability to lead further development?

Not really yet but I know that there are trails on Trailhead, and have more faith in my team members to drive things. I'm hoping that there will continue to be skilled volunteers out there willing to assist, and that one day we will have the funds to support someone, even on a very part-time basis.

Do you feel you know enough about Salesforce works now that you could ask the right questions to the right people in the future?

I have learnt so much during the many zooms with Jessies team, and do think the between us here at Ready Set, we would come up with the correct questions to ask.

How happy are you with your own skills 6 months on?

There is always more to learn but l am pretty happy with my skills right now.

How important was this digital program for your service?

It’s really important to have this platform working for us.  It has opened so many possibilities, and at the same time condensed and simplified how we think about things and the actions we have done by rote for such a long time.  It made us question a lot.

Could you have continued operating as you were?

Yes we could, but not at the level that is available now.

Did you have service level or reporting requirements that made this essential?

Yes we did and the delivery of the reporting was always time consuming and inconsistent.

Who funded this implementation?

We were extremely lucky to have the probono support of you Jessie and your incredible Blaze Your Trail volunteers.

What did the project cost in the end?

Fortunately it was probono with all the support. And supported by the resourcing we already had in place with myself and Eske, and Don as probono support too.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely – it has opened up a whole world of possibility and has us asking what else could we streamline with it. Our reporting a glance is very nearly possible, and consistent automated messaging, bookings all in one place, leads at a glance, and minimising of admin work, absolutely priceless to us.


Note: All of Jessica’s time supervising and designing the data model, business processes and fundraising set up was donated. 

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