Do you want to implement Salesforce but have no budget?

We have a new Partner who wishes to support not one but TWO pro bono implementations of Salesforce for small and medium sized charities that work in the areas of Mental Health and the Environment.

You might be operating on clipboards, white boards and paper files. You might have a bunch of disparate systems that need integrating. But at the heart of it you already know you want Salesforce and you have support of your board.

Its in your Strategic Plan and you have someone on your team who can dedicate a couple of hours each week to lead the project. Your whole team is supportive, and they all have a willingness to learn.

If this sounds like your organisation then please Apply Now - applications close 15 November 2022.

If this does not suit you please share with your networks. We are looking for small but mighty organisations with a bold vision, and a desire to innovate.

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