Step 2. Create a custom object in Salesforce

Next we create a custom object in Salesforce to capture all the essential data fields from Raisely - some of these will be the custom fields you have created.

Go to Set Up > Object Manager > Create Custom Object

Create an Auto-Number for Record Name.

You need all the contact information data that you will need to create/update the Contact record, the data pertaining to the donation to create the Opportunity record and the data required for a Recurring Donation.

Here is a snapshot of the Custom Object we built for Tassie Mums

Note: Mike Man is not a real person!

Sample Recurring Donation

The Custom Fields we created that are 

  1. Amount - Currency (16, 2)
  2. Business Name for Receipt - Text (255) - some donors like to make their donations in their business name but we do not recommend you create an account for every donation with a business name automatically. Why create an account record for a $5 gift for Judy's Mobile Tanning Salon? 
  3. Campaign ID - Text (80) - this is the Salesforce ID for the campaign 
  4. Email - Email
  5. First Name - Text (255)
  6. Get Raisely Data Name - Auto Number
  7. Keep Donation Anonymous - Checkbox - this will be helpful come annual report time
  8. Last Name - Text (255)
  9. Message - Text Area (255) - make sure you limit Raisely message box to the same number of characters
  10. Method - Text (255) - current values are credit card, google pay, apple pay, paypal with new payment methods added by Raisely all the time
  11. Mobile Phone - Phone
  12. Mode - picklist - values are Live and Testing - this helps with testing 
  13. Newsletter Opt In - checkbox - you cannot add a donor to your email list for future fundraising appeals unless you have their express permission. We recommend you have this opt in/out on all your web forms and that you also have a link to your privacy policy in the same field of vision:Clear Opt in with Privacy Policy
  14. Processing - picklist - determines whether the gift is one off or not - values Once or Recurring
  15. Raisely Event Type - Text (255) - there are many different Event Types in Raisely - but we only bring donation.failed and donation.succeeded into Salesforce via Raisely
  16. Receipt ID - text (50) - we map this to the payment record for each donation
  17. Subscription UUID - text (100) - this unique ID from Raisely is created for each recurring donation that is established and this data is passed with each subsequent recurring donation

Note: Promote these picklists to global value sets so that you can use them on the Opportunity Object or the Payment Object also.

Next Step 3. Set up Zapier Integration


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