Step 1. Set up Raisely to collect online donations

Why Raisely?

Raisely is a social enterprise made with love in Australia. You can build stunning fundraising websites / donation landing pages and forms with Raisely to grow your cause, campaign, or charity for free.

Raisely can help you with the following:

  1. Online giving
  2. Fundraising appeals 
  3. Peer-to-peer campaigns
  4. Fundraising events
  5. Community fundraising
  6. Basic CRM & Donor management

Create a Raisely Account   

Go to​ ​​ and create an account. Log in.

Create a Campaign  

Click on ‘New Campaign’ and choose a theme. Selected a simple donation form theme for your Everyday Donation Landing Page.  We recommend you choose a simple Campaign name for everyday perhaps with your Organisation's Name.

Raisely allows for the use of Vanity URLs and you can embed this form into your website also if you wish.

Enter the other details in the Campaign details page and click on Create Campaign button.

Go to ​Campaign > Design > Brand ​ to select primary theme color, upload logo, background picture, site favicon etc. 

We recommend that you watch this webinar Design Fundamentals Masterclass for more ideas about how to customise Raisely for your cause.

Note: Both Raisely and Salesforce have Campaigns - essentially the same thing - any kind of outreach activity you do to raise money. 

Add Payments

Once you have created your first Campaign navigate to Settings > Payments to set up your payment methods. Stripe is a payment gateway that is simple to set up for credit card payments. You can connect to an existing Stripe account, click on ‘Activate’. You can also connect to your Paypal Account - we recommend both - and save the details.     

Screenshot connecting payment gateways

Create a Profile   

Go to  Campaign > Profiles > New Profile and create a campaign profile. Select profile type as Individual and enter the name of your charity. This displays at the top of your donation form.


The profile gets created by clicking on the ‘Save Profile’ button. 

Testing versus Live Site


Go to Campaign and click on Donation, then New Donation to add an ​offline donation.  After making this donation, the funds get recorded on the campaign profile that you have received an offline donation. Manual donations contribute to both the profile and campaign totals.

Online - Testing

Go to ​Test Site First to make ​a Test donation​. Test donations can be done using Test Stripe cards.

Online - Live

Go to Live Site to make an online donation. 

Enter the details of the donor in 2​nd​ page and enter stripe test card details in 3​rd​ page. Thank you email will be sent to the donor.   

Customising the Donation Form   

Go to ​Settings > Donation Form 

You can customise amounts and frequency from the amounts tab. Donations frequencies allow for weekly - but we recommend using just monthly or once-off.

Under Button Amounts you can customise your donation form amounts and also attach images to the dollar handles. To insert an image or description simply click on the pencil icon on the amount. 


change amounts


You will need to add these extra custom fields for each Raisely Campaign. You can do this under the Fields Tab.

Donation Form Field Settings
To add the new fields click on Add New at the bottom of the page. Click on the arrow next to the Field. It displays existing custom fields and to create a new custom field click on “Create Custom Field” .    

Create the following custom fields

  • Sign Up Opt In/Out for fundraising communications. Create a yes/no picklist not a check box
  • Mobile telephone - consider making this required
  • Is this a Business Gift? Checkbox
  • And then a conditional custom field for Business name - this prevents people putting their business name into the Name fields - which is very common if you don't offer a business name option
  • Anonymity - this is really up to your Fundraising Manager but we find if you don't offer people the option to five anonymously they write Anon Anon in the First and Last Name fields which is really unhelpful. Some people will only give this way and it's especially important if donor names display on the Raisely Campaign page.
  • Campaign ID - use the Salesforce Campaign ID that you see in the Campaign URL:

    Exporting Donation Data

    There is an option in the Donations tab to export the transactions as a report. You can customize the report fields in ​Settings > Reports > Create new report​.   We do not recommend you do this however - it's much better to integrate with Salesforce using Zapier so that your data can be transferred securely.

    Editing Pages

    You can build your entire website on Raisely if you wish - but we generally just use one page for processing donations. Go to​ Campaign > Pages ​to update page title, Headline, Introduction, Homepage Text, Dashboard Text, Footer Text etc to match your main website.

    CSS Styling

    If you have a custom font or need to make design and style changes to your campaign that isn't supported in the page editor, you can edit and add to your campaign CSS file.

    From inside your campaign, click Design in the menu to the left. This will open up a sub-menu on the right, the Design area. To edit your CSS click Custom Styles.

    Here you will see a dropdown called Custom Css/Scss. Clicking this will show you your current CSS file, you can make edits and add new classes and properties here and they will be applied to your campaign.

    From that same Custom Styles area, there is a button called Add a stylesheet. Clicking that button will prompt you to provide the URL of the stylesheet you wish to import.

    Raisely Support

    Raisely are very responsive with support and have excellent documentation. 

    Next Step 2: Create a custom object in Salesforce as a staging object for your Raisely Data.



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