The Nappy Collective

The Nappy Collective is a Melbourne-based charity with reach across the whole nation. Their mission is to provide nappies for children experiencing disadvantage across Australia by mobilising communities, raising funds and encouraging social change. 

The Nappy Collective started as a group of mums who found a handful of nappies that their toddlers did not fit into anymore. After considering the options of what to do with only six nappies, the group of mums began to wonder if there were other parents out there that also had a handful or even half a box of nappies they were unable to use. What if they were able to collect all these left over nappies and distribute them to families in crisis or in need? Collectively these handfuls of nappies could make a big difference....The Nappy Collective was born.

The Nappy Collective has a goal of delivering 1 million nappies every year to families who need them. To do this, they needed to upscale their management systems and begin using Salesforce effectively.  Salesforce had been implemented back in 2017, but many of the features and benefits of the NPSP were not being used. We helped them migrate from Classic to Lightning, organise their Community Partners and volunteers into segments for easy integration with Mailchimp and into the correct audiences. We also helped with customising the Case object to suit their workflows and organise their information into lists as well as their impact into reports and dashboards.

Interview with Victoria Kahla, Program Manager at The Nappy Collective

What has the introduction of Salesforce meant for The Nappy Collective?

It has been a game changer. It has saved days and days of manual data manipulation and now counts impact in real time. Volunteer leaders across Australia can be trained to have greater ownership of their local relationships. And that's before even beginning on using Salesforce for fundraising!

How satisfied were you with your implementation before working with Jessie and the team?

Very unsatisfied - we were not using it at all.

How satisfied are you with your implementation now?

Very satisfied, room for improvement but we have come such a long way!

How confident are you in your own ability to lead further development?

Somewhat confident.

Do you feel you know enough about Salesforce works now that you could ask the right questions to the right people in the future?

Yes absolutely.

How happy are you with your own skills 6 months on?

There is always more to learn but l am pretty happy with my skills right now.

How important was this digital program for your service?

Absolutely crucial.

Could you have continued operating as you were?

No, data breaches were a huge risk. 

Note: All of Jessica’s time supervising and designing the data model, business processes and fundraising set up was donated. 

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