Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation is a charity based in Melbourne that support children both locally and overseas who need in most. 

The Foundation brings to Australia children from overseas with medical conditions that local doctors are unable to treat. It also works with Australian children and displaced women in need who are referred to Moira for care.

The most needy children and families are housed in a home in inner Melbourne which the Foundation manages and they are provided with medical care and support.

The Foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers and its work is funded almost entirely by charitable donations.

Because of this, working with the team to implement an integration between an online donation platform, Raisely, and their Salesforce production was hugely important. 

Blaze integrated a 'Volunteer' form on their website, enabling new volunteers to sign up quickly and easily, and to support the onboarding processes running smoothly within the organisation. We also connected the email and MailChimp system to the Salesforce system to improve communication with stakeholders.

Interview with Sara Pantaleo, CEO of Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

What has the introduction of Salesforce meant for Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation?

Being able to have client, volunteer and donor information in one spot and automation of database growth.

How satisfied are you with your implementation now?

Jessica and her team have been a tremendous help with integration, automation and data cleansing prior to importing to Salesforce.

How confident are you in your own ability to lead further development?

I feel to set it all up ok, however I feel that will require an ongoing resource to keep it up to date.

Do you feel you know enough about Salesforce works now that you could ask the right questions to the right people in the future?

I do now!

How happy are you with your own skills 6 months on?

Average skills. Would like to further develop them in time.

How important was this digital program for your service?

At the moment, very as we are limited in resources.

Could you have continued operating as you were?

No as this was limiting our growth.

 Who funded this implementation?

Our foundation.

What did the project cost in the end?


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