Kamal Hunjan

Kamal Hunjan completed her bachelor’s in Computer Science & Engineering, graduating in 2003. After graduation, she worked as a Computer Science Lecturer for four years.

She married and moved to Melbourne in 2008, with her husband, a Civil Engineer, and their toddler daughter. 

Kamal started working part time in customer service for Woolworths Petrol. This gave her the flexibility she needed to care for her child, with no extended family for support.

They had another child and Kamal was offered an Assistant Store Manager role. 

Being an IT graduate, she always dreamed of getting back into her field. She started learning Salesforce with Trailhead last year, and quickly earnt Trailhead Ranger rank. She has since gained two Salesforce certifications. She started volunteering at Blaze Your Trail in February 2021 to gain practical experience and is now managing administrator for The Nappy Collective and a team member of the Brainwave project.

Kamal is always willing to try something new. She has become a bit of an expert in the team for her skills with Form Assembly. She is reliable, trustworthy and always willing to try new things. She is confident, well spoken, organised and diligent.  

Kamal was featured as volunteer of the week on the Blaze Your Trail LinkedIn page. Within a very short period of time she had started her first role as a Junior Salesforce Developer with The Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC), the world's first national cooperative research centre focused on autism.

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