Anusha Shalunkey

Anusha graduated with a Bachelors in Electronics & Communications Engineering 10 years ago and then worked for 2 years as a system admin in India on an E-commerce platform called Redmine before marrying and moving to Australia.

When she joined Blaze Your Trail in August 2021 she told me that it was her 2 - 3 Year Goal to win a Salesforce System Administrator role. She had successfully passed the Salesforce Certified Administrator the month before but she has no experience working in Australia or working with Salesforce. 

Anusha had 63 badges on Trailhead at the time of sign up, but has gone on to become a Trailhead Ranger and now has 166 badges and 2x Superbadges.

Anusha volunteered on several different pro bono projects - including being a team leader for One Ball, and racked up an impressive 153 hours of work experience. 

Anusha had participated in over 20 online virtual jobs interviews over the last 3 months, and couldn’t crack the suitable role. So she focused really hard on her interview technique and after her second face to face interview was offered a Salesforce Developer/Co-ordinator role!

Next Monday the 31 of January, Anusha joins Pact Services Group in Dandenong South full time. 

Anusha nailed the interview by explaining how she integrated Salesforce and Xero using Zapier, mapping Opportunity Products to Xero Line Items.

This was something that we did for One Ball and it was exactly the sort of development that her new employer was looking for.

Anusha loves cleaning and decorating her home. She also loves her goldfish. 

Anusha said "Blaze Your Trail provides an opportunity to volunteer and gain experience in working on real time pro-bono projects. It has been instrumental for us to develop our skills in Salesforce by collaborating with various team members and helping us to achieve our career aspirations. Special thanks to Jessica for giving me an opportunity to Volunteer and build my career and thanks a lot to Blaze Your Trail team." 

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