Akhila Kaladharan

Akhila's educational journey began at Anna University in Chennai, India, where she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. In 2013, she proudly graduated, equipping herself with a solid foundation in the field of technology.

Although Akhila was not the first person in her family to attend university, her accomplishments and dedication set an inspiring example for future generations.

Following her graduation, Akhila embarked on a professional journey that allowed her to showcase her expertise in various domains. She worked with PeopleSoft and Siebel, contributing as a technology consultant and specializing in PeopleSoft administration and CRM as an HR specialist.

On May 25, 2022, Akhila took a significant step forward by joining Blaze Your Trail. At the time of her enrollment, she had amassed an impressive collection of 179 badges on Trailhead. Additionally, she had achieved the prestigious Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator certifications, signifying her mastery in these areas.

Akhila's passion for giving back to the community extended beyond her professional pursuits. She dedicated a remarkable 150.00 hours to volunteering for various charities, including Tassie Mums Inc., where she provided valuable pro bono assistance. Akhila's commitment to hands-on experience and her desire to make a positive impact through charity work.

Beyond her professional and philanthropic pursuits, Akhila nurtured a diverse range of interests. She enjoyed the art of cooking, prioritized fitness, and enthusiastically explored the vibrant city of Glasgow, where she was new to the environment. Akhila embraced the challenge of an unpredictable climate, seeking new experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

We are thrilled to announce that Akhila's perseverance and dedication have been rewarded! She has been offered a prestigious role as a Junior Salesforce Developer at Action for Children—a remarkable achievement that aligns with her career goals and showcases her expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Akhila says “My perspective towards Salesforce has been changed after connecting with Blaze your Trail. Everyday connects help me to structure my salesforce knowledge. Production environment work, connect with other teams which helped to understand wider areas in salesforce as well as how to tackle issues.”

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