Abinaya Purusothaman

Abinaya Purusothaman started volunteering with Blaze Your Trail in December 2020.  

Abinaya dreamed of landing a job in the Salesforce ecosystem for greater flexibility. 

All of 2021 she joined our morning classes (6-8am) while also getting her preschooler breakfast, dressed and ready. 

They took a 30 mins train ride to the city, where her daughter was at childcare, and then she walked another 20 minute walk to her office. 

Abinaya was deemed an essential worker so she worked right through the Sydney lockdown, finishing work at 6.00. 

Her husband picked her daughter up from childcare in the car at 6pm and then picked up Abinaya. They returned home for dinner and then her husband often worked till 9pm. 

If this were you, would you manage getting out of bed to study at 6am every day? People are amazing!

As of this month Abinaya will get to work from home as a Business Analyst for MTX. 

Her daughter will start school nearby. 

Abinaya will have a far greater work-life balance, and she will continue to join me and the team at Blaze Your Trail at 6am to learn and give back. 

Abinaya said “Blaze your Trail gave me a wonderful opportunity to gain real-world hands-on experience in Salesforce which has helped me land my first job in the Salesforce ecosystem. Through Blaze your Trail volunteering, I have learnt a lot which helped me be confident during my interviews.”

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